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Redhead Productions

Who Is Telling Your Story?

With the business world in constant change, its time to re-think your promotional media by using engaging video to get your message out in an entertaining and educational way. This is an extraordinary opportunity to create your own news and rich media about your company. Video is the next wave of media information available to both large and small businesses. People with the smarts to realize the advantage in upgrading their marketing image will benefit from this next wave of rich media marketing.

5 Benefits of Corporate Video:

  • Sales Tool

    Video is your company's sales tool. Give your company a new story Alternatively, Give an old story a new look. Discuss your latest and greatest additions to your product or services
  • Rich Media

    Promotional Video in Rich Media on your website or through mobile platforms or as viral marketing using YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or email campaigns
  • Get Noticed

    Draw attention at Trade Shows with engaging video in two ways: playing in your booth and as DVD promo giveaways
  • Use Video as a Calling Card

  • Internal Tool

    Use video as an internal tool for hiring, and for the company newsletter. Also use video to honour esteemed employees who deserve recognition

Redhead Productions is a full service video production company focusing on creative solutions for corporate marketing through video media. Our goal is to provide brilliant engaging and effective video to promote your product, service or your cause. Whether your platform is television, web and rich media or mobile platforms our video production services are undeniably unique and artistic leveraging your impact and your marketing efficiency. Redhead Productions are located in Toronto and are available to service clients throughout Ontario and North America.

Our videos convey a contemporary and authentic look. By using the compelling elements of motion, sound and story telling, Redhead Productions can re-invent your professional image.

Your Clients Are Waiting To See Who You Really Are.

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